After Vikas Gupta threatens to go legal, Vikas Khoker DECLARES he will reveal names of actors who have coordinated with him

Vikas Khoker is ready for legal action after Vikas Gupta threatens, and will also reveal the names of actors who have coordinated with him.

Unscripted TV dramatization champ Vikas Khoker, actually asserted Vikas Gupta of asking sexual kindnesses from him. In his gathering with a section of media, Vikas Khoker said, “Ensuing to winning the Roadies title in the year 2012, I was offered a lot of stuff by various people. A bit of these people revealed to me that if you deal with us expressly, we will make you a star. Likewise, Vikas Gupta was one of them. He advanced toward me to fulfill his sexual aching. He called me at his Malad home to give him a back rub, alluding to body pulsate. Gupta asked me for pictures offering work in the business which I sent at this point he mentioned the nudes taking everything into account. He uncovered to me he expected to see my body and private parts.”

Regardless, yesterday Vikas Gupta took to online media to reply to the charges made by him and Aly inside the Bigg Boss house and besides said to go legal if the misrepresentations don’t stop here.


Khoker told, “Let him take legitimate action. I’m also set up to reply to him if he needs to. I had no objective to come out and talk about how he managed me since I am not outstandingly powerful in the business and as of now doing my own business. I had an event actually where media people came to progress and asked me for what substantial explanation did I quit the business? So I discretionarily offered an explanation to them that this scene happened with me and Vikas, after which I trusted I can’t be significant for such an industry. I never said that I need to repel him or go authentic however at this point when in his post he has referred to that he needs to go legitimate, I am furthermore good to go legal and record a complaint. Besides, in that complaint, I will moreover make reference to that performer’s name, who in light of a legitimate concern for Vikas, informed me to send him photographs regarding my regenerative organs. That performer is a significant face of the Colors channel now.”

He uncovers, “Ensuing to seeing my gathering, one more individual has reached me who has been a setback of him. He has shared screengrabs with me of Vikas where he called him to JW Marriot once and endeavored to manhandle him. I’m believing that the ideal time will convey those proof. That individual expected to leave the business because of him. Grievously, when he said this to me I had no such cerebrums that opportunity to take a grab of his conversations and keep. Disregarding the way that I have that message where he mentioned that I get back and mentioned to give him a back focus on 2018. I know an impressive part of them in the business who have stood up to this from him.”

Khoker added, “He is saying everybody is making counterfeit charges on him yet I need to ask, who is lying? Him or such endless people together, Aly Goni, Parth Samthaan, Priyank Sharma and I?”

Vikas Gupta’s composed notes read, “This while I hadn’t made any authentic walks but at this point, I comprehend that my nice nature has been thought little of as my deficiency and moreover for yield. Notwithstanding the way that I will discredit all of their claims with a SORRY yet furthermore guarantee that people who have pulled me into a disaster area with their fake charges, conflicts, either for openness or occasionally really near and dear increments will at present be obligated, legally.”

He shut down his note by saying that he will drop a video tomorrow and created ‘I’m SORRY’. The note was upheld with another long caption saying that coming out is the person’s own special choice as it is inconvenient in an environment where the LGBT social order feels disagreeable.