Actor Rakhi Sawant caught a man starring at her while she was giving an interview

Actor Rakhi Sawant was interacting with the paparazzi on the streets of Mumbai when she caught a man starring at her. Rakhi Sawant scolded a man who was making her uncomfortable during an interview with the media on Saturday (5th June).

In a video, that was shared on Instagram, Rakhi Sawant can be seen scolding the man, who is off-camera. “Uncle aap jaao na. Main interview kar rahi hu. Aap kyu dekh rahe ho? Ladki nahi dekhi uncle? Jaao na (Uncle, please leave. I am giving an interview, why are you looking at me? Never seen a girl? Please go),” she told the man. The man then kick started his bike and almost ran into someone. Rakhi told him to be more cautious. “Dekho accident ho jaega. Jaao udhar dekho. Mereko mat dekho (Be careful or you’ll have an accident. Go, look ahead. Don’t look at me),” she told him. The man still drove past her saying that it’d be her fault if he had an accident.

During the same interaction, Rakhi also spoke about actor Pearl V Puri, who was arrested by the Mumbai Police on Friday on allegation of raping a minor. Rakhi said that she is unwilling to believe that Pearl could rape anyone.




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