Actor Ali Fazal encourages people to get vaccinated

Actor Ali Fazal ensures that his family members gets vaccinated and urges fans to do the same.

After the shattering effects of the second wave in India, Many experts have shown concern regarding the status of the third wave and how deadly it could be for people and especially children. After losing his mother this year, due to health complexities, Ali Fazal is no stranger to grief and loss. And so Ali Fazal feels this is the time we have to get serious and prepare for the threat.

The actor also believes that safety comes first and the only way to win from this global pandemic and to prevent any major damage from happening due to the unavoidable third wave, is to get vaccinated as soon as possible, “Before the third wave hits us all as predicted, we need to ensure we are ready to face and fight it with all our might. To do that, safety and strength are extremely crucial so please, everyone, do get your vaccine shots before it’s too late. I personally began to ensure that my family members are safe and healthy, and most importantly vaccinated,” says the Fukrey star.

As safety is given the most value today by governments, delaying exams and reopening of schools and colleges, And implementing strong night curfew laws in Kerala, while giving some relaxation in states like Punjab and Mumbai where cases are decreasing.

The Actor emphasizing the importance of taking vaccines also added, “That’s the key right now. I also request every one to take all the warnings by our experts in the country very seriously.” He urged people to not cause a delay and listen to experts since in many cities it’s noticed people have started relaxing in wearing masks in public places and have started organizing big gatherings again. So, to state the weight of the situation and that the problem hasn’t vanished yet, Fazal requested fans to take vaccine shots and stay safe.

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