5 Times when Karan Johar was mercilessly roasted on Koffee With Karan by B’town A-listers


The scintillatingly sassy show of Karan Johar, where Bollywood A-listers grace the couch and talk candidly about their life, relationship, career, breakups and what not, is our absolute favourite. Koffee With Karan is, without a doubt, the most exciting show that brings out the best from the celebrities. Some of the controversies brewed in this show are still doing rounds on the Internet. We go gaga over Kjo’s ability to bring the candidness even from the otherwise tight-lipped celebrities. While Kjo tries his best to make darling stars uncomfortable by his rapid-fire questions, our most favourite episodes include the ones in which guests backfires on him.

They roast him, taunt him, sometimes even threaten him, but he stays strong and returns with the same enthusiasm. B’town stars make him think if he is, as a fact, on the right side of the room. So, let’s refresh our memories once again and dive right in!

1. Oopsie! Someone said it right on the face!
When Kjo asked Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan to name one thing that he doesn’t like about this industry, without skipping a beat he said, “Your Show”! He just called a spade a spade, and we can’t stop laughing.

2. Don’t question Ranveer!
No doubt that Ranveer Singh has got a big mouth. When Karan asked about his relationship status in the show, Ranveer backfired and said, “What are you? Facebook?”. Not only this, for another question Ranveer took off his shoe and said, “If you say anything out of line, we are going to launch these at you.” Karan Johar did try to assert his dominance by saying, “Such a senior filmmaker, you think you should be saying things like this?” to which Ranveer tells him, “Why don’t you carry yourself like a senior filmmaker sometime?” Ranveer got no chill and Karan got a big burn in his own show!

3. Mrs. Funnybones knows how to roast them right!
Twinkle Khanna knows how to play around with words! In the show when she was questioned about what’s the meanest thing anyone’s ever said about her writing, to which she quipped, “When you started writing Columns, they said Kjo is the new Funnybones, I didn’t want my standards to go down”.

4. The only guest KJo ever regretted calling on his show!
Perhaps, the best one in Bollywood so far, where Kjo was declared the flag bearer of nepotism. Kangana looked him in the eye and said, “In my biopic, if it’s ever made, you’ll be the stereotypical Bollywood biggie who is snooty and completely intolerant to outsiders. Flag-bearer of nepotism, the movie mafia”. Mic Drop, two minutes of silence for KJo! We are left wondering what made him call the firebrand actress on his show.

5. And that’s what we call Roasting!
Karan Johar and Farah Khan share a great bond but when Karan thought of taking Farah down, little did he know that Farah could counter him so badly and she might spill some beans along with it. When Karan asked, “So Farah, how is your sex life?”, Farah replied, “I just want to go on record and say that Karan is obsessed with my sex life because he has none”. After this, we took a bow at Farah.

This was just a glimpse of how Karan sometimes gets to the wrong side of the table, but even after that, he still continues with the show and we have to give it to him for that. But should he rethink the name to “Roasting of Karan”, it might just suit perfectly!