10 Interesting facts about Tollywood beauty Samantha


Born on April 28, 1987 to a Malayalee mother and a Telugu father, Samantha was brought up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, becoming fluent in the Tamil language. Samantha Akkineni is an Indian actress and model, known for her works in the Tamil and Telugu film industries. She began working as a model while she was pursuing her studies. Soon, she started receiving offers for roles in cinema. She made her debut in Gautham Menon’s Telugu romance film ‘Ya Maaya Chesave’. Her performance won her the Filmfare Award for ‘Best Debut Actress’.

Here are some interesting facts about Tollywood beauty Samantha.

1. Before stepping into the acting business, Samantha did many odd jobs. She even worked part-time as a model.

2. The actress was facing a financial pinch in her early twenties. To get over it, she did many part-time jobs. At a later point of time, she got into modelling. There she was spotted by Ravi Varman, a cinematographer cum director, who introduced her to Cinema industry & that’s how she became an actress.

3. She founded Pratyusha Support to promote health care services in certain areas. The foundation will treat poor kids & women who are ill. Livlife hospitals is partnering with the NGO to carry this mission forward. This quite humane of her for most heroines of this generation are busy setting up hotels & other establishments which churn out money.

4. Her father is a Telugu guy & her mother is a Malayali. However, the actress considers herself a Tamilian for she was brought up in Chennai. Due to her mixed ethnicity, she can easily be termed as a true South Indian. She has had a difficult time mastering Telugu but she has improved her Telugu diction.

5. Samantha enjoys Sushi which is Japanese food prepared by steaming the mixture of raw fish, vegetable s and boiled rice. She also loves to eat Dairy Milk chocolate bar. Paalakova is her favourite sweet dish.

6. Although some friends call her Sam, her close friends & family call her Yashodha. Back when Siddharth & she were dating, Siddharth called her as Yasho.

7. The actress draws inspiration from Audrey Hepburn, a popular Hollywood actress who is known for her realistic performances. In fact, she is obsessed about her. She candidly confessed that the Hollywood actress influenced her professional life greatly.

8. Samantha is unquestionably a top league heroine. She put her best foot forward & pitched in a lot of effort to come to this stage. Same was the case when she was a student. She toiled very hard back in the past. And they paid off for she was a topper in her class.

9. Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret is Samantha’s favourite book. The book is about law of attraction which hypothesis that the nature compliments one’s mood by providing things similar to his mood.

10. In the Telugu flick S/O Satyamurthy, Samantha’s character suffered from diabetes and craved for candies whenever her blood sugar levels plummeted. Off-screen, Samantha indeed suffered from diabetes in 2013. However, she overcame it. Two years later, she didn’t have much trouble portraying the diabetic ‘Subbalaxmi’ character in that film for she could relate it to her life.

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