Kangana's sister Rangoli lashes out at Shabana Azmi for her remarks on Kangana Ranaut | Business Upturn

Kangana’s sister Rangoli lashes out at Shabana Azmi for her remarks on Kangana Ranaut

Rangoli Chandel responds to Shabana Azmi’s remark on her sister Kangana Ranaut

Rangoli Chandel is someone, who we know has always defended Kangana Ranaut. She is not only her sister but also her personal manager. She has always stood up for her sister and defended her on the work front. And how could she not this time? When Shabana Azmi, commented on her sister ‘”Why don’t you stick to acting?”

Shabana Azmi in a recent interview opened up about the unrest in Bollywood. Speaking to Mumbai Mirror she said, ” Kangana has started believing in her own myth. She says, she taught feminism to the film Industry, she taught it nationalism I’m glad she spelled that out because nobody else had noticed! I think she fears the day when she no longer would be in the headlines and so has to keep making outrageous statements to stay in the news. Poor girl, why doesn’t she do what she is best at, which is acting,”


To which Rangoli responded by posting an Instagram story. Which read, ” Here comes the suicide gang!!! 

“Dear Shabana ji I have a few questions for you and your husband. Why don’t you both also stick to your respective acting and poetry? Why do you guys actively participate in anti India politics? To remain in headline? Or you feel for certain issue? If your anti India agendas are genuine then why can’t her pro India agendas be genuine as well? Why different rules for her and different for you?” she said.

However, Kangana herself has not responded to the veteran actors remark.