Bigg Boss 17 Promo: Tehelka aka Sunny Arya calls Abhishek Kumar ‘Bhootnike’ as he loses his cool

Tehlka aka Sunny Arya is captured getting angry at Abhishek Kumar in this Bigg Boss 17 promo.

The tension has been running high inside the Bigg Boss 17 house, ever since kitchen duties got divided between the contestants. Not only that there have also been multiple fights over kitchen duties as well. At first there have been speculations over fight between Mannara Chopra and Ankita Lokhande, and now the newest Bigg Boss 17 promo showcases Tehlkas aka Sunny Arya losing his cool over Abhishek Kumar.

The promo opens with a housemate saying to Sunny that if one contestant refuses to work then everyone would also not help out in their duties. When Sunny calls Abhishek in the kitchen area but the latter refuses to come.


This constant back and forth for household duties, made Sunny finally loose his cool. Tehlkas started saying string of slangs calling him “Bhutnike” in raised voice. He further added, “Akad mein rehle, apne baap sae panga nahi.” Abhishek too replied back, “Nikal akad.” The video clipping shows Abhishek saying this two in a small loop. Sunny than tries to snatch Abhishek but other housemates hold him back. One can hear him saying, “Teri aise ki tesi,” with constant reptation of the word ‘Bhootnike.”

Check the promo:


Will the argument turn into blown brawl or will it result in change in dynamics of the household members of the current Bigg Boss is something that is to be speculated.



The Bigg Boss 17 promo clipping ends with Abhishek saying, “Tere jaise bahut dekhe hai.” When the other contestants are still trying to stop Sunny aka Tehlka from getting physical onscreen.