Bigg Boss 17 Promo: Abhishek Kumar calls Mannara Chopra ‘Duplicate Parineeti’; Latter loses her calm and says, “Meri family ke naam par footage le raha hai”

Mannara is also seen throwing a pillow at Abhishek after he enrages her by saying, “Mein duplicates se baat nahi karta.”

Bigg Boss 17 is successfully providing the audience with their daily dose of entertainment. The contestants of the show are making sure that fans are glued to their TV screens as they are constantly churning out controversial content that pleases everyone!

Now, in a recent promo, we see Abhishek Kumar and Mannara Chopra giving us some major drama with an ugly fight. The duo enters into a war or words as Abhishek calls Mannara a duplicate of her sister Parineeti Chopra. The promo begins with a discussion on house duties where Abhishek is seen asking, “Isne mara hai kya kabhi jaduu? Toh ye duplicate Parineeti bich mein kyu bol rahi hai bhai?” This triggers Mannara who replies with, “Meri toh behen hai woh, tujhe kya problem hai? Meri family ka naam lekar footage le raha hai!”


Abhishek then starts shouting at Mannara which makes her throw the pillow on him. He loses it and starts telling everyone that she hit him while the housemates ask Mannara to calm down. She says, “Tu dhang se baat bhi karta hai? Meri family ko involve karte rehta hai. Iss ghar ke bahar tujhe mere family ke naam pe kahi footage nahi milegi.” The war continues between the two while housemates try pulling both apart from the situation.

Mannara had clearly mentioned on her first day in the house that she doesn’t appreciate people talking about her family and that it triggers her. Before she entered the house, news started flooding in that she is Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra’s sister, which is also true. Recently, Priyanka had also shared an Instagram story wishing her ‘little one’ all the best for her journey in the show. But it seems like Mannara isn’t really okay with the constant attention of her family attached with her.

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