Bigg Boss 17: Officially the end of friendship between Aishwarya-Neil and Ankita-Vicky? Here’s what happened

Latest episode saw tensions rise as Aishwarya and Neil’s marriage was questioned, while a dispute over food wastage added to the drama.

The Bigg Boss 17 episode that aired on 30th October 2023 was full of spice and everything nice. As per the quick recap of the episode, it began with contestants waking up to the Bigg Boss theme song.

During a talk with Aishwarya Sharma, Neil Bhatt, Ankita Lokhande, Isha Malviya, Samarth Jurel, and Vicky Jain, Vicky questions Neil about his marriage. Neil responds that they never dated when he questions whether Aishwarya was the same while they were dating. They got married right away. Aishwarya becomes irritated with Vicky as she jokes about their marriage.


Conversely, there is a disagreement on food waste between Arun Mashettey and Munawar Faruqui. Arun is asked by Munawar to stop wasting food, as he did with the dal the day before. In response, Arun says he never throws out food, but he had to toss the dal because it went bad. This argument seemed to have made Munawar irritable.

Vicky Jain’s remarks regarding Neil and Aishwarya’s marriage. Afterwards, during a talk, Aishwarya brings up Vicky’s jokes regarding their marriage. As others look on, they get into a heated argument. Neil charges toward Vicky as he enters the battle. Vicky’s foolish remarks about women and marriage cause arguments between Neil and Aishwarya.

To break up their conflict, the other competitors are compelled to step in. Ankita Lokhande says that Vicky doesn’t want to harm or target anyone in an attempt to appease Aishwarya and Neil. He used to share that equation with Aishwarya, but he needs to stop now, so he’s just kidding.