Aditya Chopra to launch OTT venture ‘YRF Entertainment’ investing 500 crores

Filmmaker puts aside Rs 500 crore for making an evolutionary change in the digital content-making world.

Filmmaker Aditya Chopra has big plans for reshaping the digital content market as it stands today, for which he has designated Rs 500 crore for the OTT arm which will be called YRF Entertainment.

Souces mentioned in Pinkvilla shares that he wants to develop and change the digital content platform raising its stake and bar in the production forum in India. He’s planning to match the global standards of storytelling and vision with the commentary of stories rooted in India. Scrips regarding this are being worked on in YRF as we speak. This would be the moment that entirely reshaped and rebuilds the OTT stage forever. Having huge plans and schemes, YRF will soon roll out their strategy for the same.” Wait for one of the biggest announcements ever seen in the digital content world”.


It was also shared by the sources that Aditya held the opinion that OTT beholds in itself the power to showcase and portray true stories of the Indian roots to the world.

“While being the first and only true blue Indian studio, YRF wants to write and tell the best stories to a global audience in the grandest, visually pleasing way. Such platforms are nowadays bridging the gap in the language barrier and exposes cultures and talents to the outside and overall world. Aditya Chopra wants to fuel up the gear for this leading platform and make it to match the international standards.”

Working on this plan for over two years, several projects have already lined up to work with YRF Entertainment.

Pinkvilla sources further mention, “YRF has always backed raw, new talent and original scrips, imagine what stage development will take place to the talent and content that exist today in India after this move by the filmmaker”.