Mumbai and Bengaluru among global startup cities: Check Top 10 cities across globe in 2024

In recent years, the global startup scene has witnessed a remarkable innovation and expansion, attracting increased attention from investors across the world. The surge in the activity has led to startups in various countries raising significant funding and achieving multi- billion dollar valuation. Cities around the globe are now actively vying to position themselves as leading startup hubs.

Times of India recently shared the latest rankings for the global Venture Capital ecosystem as per PitchBook. While India’s Mumbai and Bengaluru have made to the Top 50 – with 32nd and 34th position, respectively -, here we shall look at Top 10.


1. San Francisco, USA

San Francisco, nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, has garnered global recognition as a beacon of innovation, nurturing a multitude of influential startups that have left indelible marks across various sectors. Trailblazing companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Slack, Stripe, and OpenAI have revolutionized their respective industries, propelling them to the forefront of their domains.

2. New York City, USA

New York City pulsates with a vibrant energy, serving as a bustling hub for startups spanning diverse sectors like media, advertising, fintech, and e-commerce. This dynamic metropolis has given birth to pioneering companies such as WeWork, redefining office spaces, and Peloton, leading the charge in fitness technology, among others.

3. Beijing, China

Beijing, China’s technology epicenter, fosters a thriving ecosystem for startups specializing in e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and social media. This dynamic environment has birthed leading companies like ByteDance and, which have emerged as industry titans.

4. Shanghai, China

Shanghai thrives as a startup hub, fueled by its dynamic entrepreneurial landscape and technological advancements. The city plays host to notable startups such as Pinduoduo, an innovative e-commerce platform, and NIO, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer, both testament to its innovative spirit.

5. Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles, renowned for its entertainment sector, is emerging as a tech startup hub in its own right. Home to companies like Snap Inc. and SpaceX, it fosters innovation in media and entertainment technology, with firms like Hulu and Riot Games at the forefront of this transformation.

6. Boston, USA

Boston, revered for its academic prowess with institutions like MIT and Harvard, drives innovation in biotech, healthcare, and robotics. Companies like Moderna and Vertex Pharmaceuticals, products of Boston’s research ecosystem, lead the charge in medical innovation.

7. London, United Kingdom

London, a leading financial and tech hub globally, hosts startups like Revolut and TransferWise, revolutionizing the finance sector, and Deliveroo in food delivery. Health tech innovation thrives here with companies like Babylon Health at the vanguard.

8. Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen, dubbed China’s Silicon Valley, is a major player in the country’s startup landscape. Notable companies like DJI, known for drones, and Tencent, a leader in social media and gaming, hail from here. Huawei, a telecom giant, also calls Shenzhen home.

9. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul stands as a top tech and innovation hub in South Korea, with flourishing sectors in e-commerce, gaming, and beauty tech led by pioneering companies like Coupang and Naver. Additionally, the city’s biotechnology sector thrives with companies like Seegene leading in molecular diagnostics.

10. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, renowned for its rich traditions, has emerged as a dynamic tech and innovation hub, boasting a thriving startup scene in robotics, AI, and e-commerce. Leading startups like Mercari, Japan’s premier marketplace app, and Preferred Networks, a significant player in artificial intelligence, call Tokyo home.