Internshala’s latest report shows 7.2x rise in women enrollment for online training programs

Internshala’s latest data collection report illustrated a positive sign for changing times as almost a 7x rise was recorded of women enrolling for their online training programs.

New Delhi, Mar 7: It has been proven that nothing empowers women more than quality education. It empowers women on so many levels by enforcing gender equity and making them aware of their rights to fight against discrimination, by enabling them to stand on their feet, build their careers, build confidence, and so on.

E-learning through online trainings and courses is the latest development in the field of education and it is here to stay. And, just like conventional education, e-learning is becoming a go to for women to become more empowered. Following are the trends which reflect the same.


7.2x rise in women enrolling for online trainings

Due to the pandemic, rapid technological advancements, and increasing awareness, overall e-learning has seen tremendous growth over the past couple of years. A significant rise among women enrolling for online trainings has also been observed. Over the past 6 years, the number of women e-learners has grown by 7.2x.

Forty per cent of e-learners in 2022 were women. Another promising trend observed was that out of all the e-learners choosing online courses for their skilling and upskilling requirements, 40 per cent were women e-learners.

There are many reasons as to why women are skilling up with online trainings. Among many reasons, 49% of the women learners stated that the top reason why women are choosing online trainings for skilling is to gain an employment opportunity — either an internship or a job. Following this, 32% women took up online courses to gain new skills. Other reasons included to earn a certificate, to build a project, and to fulfill college requirements with 8%, 6%, and 4% women enrolling for the reason respectively.

Women have shown immense interest in STEM and management courses in the past year. Web development being the most popular, 29% women took up Web Development training in 2022. This was followed by Digital Marketing at 19% and Programming with Python at 16%. Women also actively pursued trainings in hot in-demand skills of today like Advanced Excel, Financial modelling and Evaluation, Data Science, and Machine Learning.

One of the most exciting trends observed was that out of all the women e-learners, the majority of them at 41% were from tier-3 cities. This is an promising trend as it reflects that women from tier-3 cities who earlier used to have limited resources and accessibility to such courses are not able to pursue the same from the comfort of their homes and at affordable prices. It is a sign of empowerment as women are leveraging technology to build their careers by expanding their horizons.

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