Amit Choudhary is appointed as the new Chief Operating Officer of Wipro

Amit Choudhary will manage the CIO, CISO, Enterprise Risk Management, and Global Business Operations divisions.

On November 3, the IT services provider Wipro announced the appointment of Amit Chaudhary as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). Prior to this, Chaudhary served as the Financial Services Business Unit’s COO at Capgemini.

Veteran Wipro employee and former COO Bhanumurthy Ballapuram retired in July 2021. Since Ballapuram left, this position has gone unfilled.


Thierry Delaporte, the CEO of Wipro since his appointment in 2020, also transferred from Capgemini to Wipro.

Chaudhary will be responsible for “improving organisational operational efficiency, helping drive sustainable growth,” Wipro said. He will oversee the activities of the CIO, CISO, Enterprise Risk Management, and Global Business Operations.

CEO Delaporte said, “With his experience and unique understanding, Wipro will continue to build a business that delivers to the needs of our stakeholders. Amit will be responsible for expanding our transformation and driving operational excellence, doubling down on what is most important to our company, and where we can deliver the greatest impact for our clients.”

Chaudhary had held positions at Cadence Design Systems and Boston Consulting Group before his time at Capgemini.

“I am very excited to join Wipro, and look forward to working with the incredible team. I hope to bring new perspectives that will further strengthen the organization’s core business, while deepening the value we offer to our clients,” Choudhary said in a statement.

In addition to the Indian Institute of Management in Kolkata, he also attended the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur. He calls New York home.