Amazon fixes controversial logo that looked like ‘Hitler’

Global retail giant, Amazon had used the same practical and direct logo for years and recently decided to introduce a new stylish one that featured Amazon’s classic smile/arrow on a brown background (synonymous with the brown parcel packages that the firm uses) with a tiny cutout of blue parcel tape on the top.

The logo at the beginning received positive feedback from users for its minimalistic designing and smart use of unique colors such as the cardboard brown and bright blue, while also remaining true to the brand by featuring a large sized Amazon trademark smiling arrow.


Very soon however, Twitter blew up when people (many celebrities among them) started noticing that the packaging tape cutout on the top of the logo resembled Nazi Germany’s leader, Adolf Hitler’s toothbrush-shaped mustache when paired with the smiling arrow logo.

In order to avoid a major controversy that could have risen from this, the company altered the logo slightly so that it didn’t resemble Hitler’s mustache anymore. In place of the toothbrush-shaped tape cutout, the logo now presents the tape in the shape of a square with rounded edges and with one corner of the tape peeled back which has now been accepted by netizens.