Explore India’s Culinary Flavours and Stories with Bingelife’s Pratiksha Jaiswal

Imagine a place where hidden culinary gems meet captivating stories, all waiting to be discovered. This isn’t just a travelogue; it’s Bingelife, a digital platform that transforms viewers into explorers, led by the ever-curious Pratiksha Jaiswal since 2018.

An MBA graduate with a profound love for culinary arts and travel, Pratiksha has woven her passion into a career that guides food lovers and adventurers across the lanes of India’s diverse locales.


The story of Bingelife began as a hobby that quickly blossomed into a full-fledged business, driven by Pratiksha’s enthusiastic self-expression and commitment to authenticity. Her approach, characterised by vivid storytelling and candid interactions, connects deeply with her audience, allowing them to experience destinations through her explorative lens and relatable content.

Bingelife has collaborated with esteemed national and international brands, such as Lays, MG Motors and Zomato, and has been recognised by influential platforms. Her insights into Nagpur’s diverse food culture earned her an invitation from the honourable Mr Nitin Gadkari, while Persistent Nagpur celebrated her contributions on International Women’s Day.

Bingelife’s game-changing moment occurred during the lockdown when Pratiksha’s culinary talents shone brightly. She adapted to the challenging times by learning and sharing new recipes, which captured the hearts of her followers on Instagram. The transition to lifestyle videos was marked by her recipes going viral, sparking a delightful exchange of experiences with her followers through direct messages and stories, eagerly awaiting her latest culinary secrets.

One follower commented, “Add a little water…that was the punchline to the chilli paneer Maggi,” alongside another’s appreciation for her health-conscious approach, “The best part is that you have used less oil to prepare Maggi unlike most food bloggers,” exemplify the warm and engaging community Pratiksha has cultivated.

Bingelife’s exploration isn’t confined to the culinary; it is an immersive dive into the history and heart of each place she visits. Her content is a gateway to unseen corners and untold stories, turning each location’s narrative into a shared journey with her audience. Whether it’s celebrating a local festival or uncovering the everyday charm of nearby cities, she narrates each story with a cheerful and captivating voiceover.

As Bingelife continues to expand its horizons, Pratiksha remains a pioneer in her field, embodying the spirit of exploration and the joy of sharing it with the world. Her journey signifies the fact that one’s origins do not define their potential—rather, it is the stories every individual chooses to tell and the passion with which we tell them that truly matter.

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