Bike taxi startup Rapido riders go on strike citing low payments from company amid high fuel prices


Rapido, the new bike taxi startup recently became the go to way of travel in several metro cities like Mumbai. On Tuesday, August 16, a large number of riders or Rapido captains chose to hold a strike against the company as the captains were paid a small amount, at a time when petrol prices in the country hover above Rs 110/litre in most cities.

Speaking to Business Upturn, a local Rapido captain in Virar, Mumbai, said that almost all captains are on a strike today as we are paid only 15-20 Rs for a ride on average and the petrol costs are much higher and we are unable to offset the same through our income.

Another captain, named Sharma told “The company also takes an additional fee on every ride and we also face on-ride cancellations sometimes”.

The time period of the strike was not confirmed independently by Business Upturn, however, captains across the city are expecting some relief from the company and an mild increase in average pay per ride.