Zelenskyy warns of new Russian offensive, urges Western support

Zelenskyy warns of potential new Russian offensive in Ukraine, stresses unity with Western allies.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has warned of a potential new offensive by Russia against Ukraine, anticipated to begin in late May or during the summer months. Despite this, Zelenskyy asserted that Kyiv is equipped with a well-defined battlefield strategy, which he refrained from disclosing. Speaking in Kyiv on Sunday, Zelenskyy emphasised the importance of unity between Kyiv and its Western allies, stressing that Ukraine’s success hinges on continuous support from the West. He revealed that since February 2022, approximately 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers have lost their lives in the conflict, marking the first official casualty toll in over a year. However, Russia’s foreign ministry disputed this figure, labeling it as inaccurate.

Amid escalating tensions, Zelenskyy highlighted the significance of troop rotations and the necessity for Ukraine to enhance its reserve forces. He expressed confidence in the U.S. Congress’s approval of substantial military and financial aid to Ukraine, urging a prompt decision within a month. According to Zelenskyy, Western support is indispensable for Ukraine’s war efforts, lamenting the European Union’s failure to deliver on its promise of 1 million ammunition shells, having only supplied 30% thus far.


The ongoing conflict has placed considerable strain on Ukraine, with Russian troops making significant territorial gains, notably capturing the town of Avdiivka. President Vladimir Putin has indicated intentions for further advances into Ukraine. In response, Zelenskyy asserted that Ukraine has formulated a comprehensive plan to counter Russian forces but refrained from divulging specifics to maintain strategic advantage.

Acknowledging the importance of diplomatic initiatives, Zelenskyy expressed hope for a peace summit in Switzerland this spring, where Ukraine aims to present its peace proposal to Russia. Despite previous setbacks, Zelenskyy remains optimistic about Ukraine’s diplomatic efforts, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the initiative. The situation remains tense, with Ukraine preparing for potential escalations while actively pursuing avenues for peaceful resolution with its international partners.