UK PM Borris Johnson’s government dwindling as outcry over ‘Partygate’ scandal intensifies

The ‘Partygate’ scandal of Borris Johnson has intensified and further awaits if the UK PM Borris Johnson will resign or not?

The UK PM Borris Johnson’s apology last week hasn’t made the situation better as the outcry over the party gate scandal at Downing street has intensified. The MPs are continuously debating on the Supreme leader’s lockdown parties that were retaliated with penalties in form of fines after the PM issued an apology but did not confess his intentional involvement. the discussions now have taken a new route toward Christian forgiveness. The reports suggest that MPs from both sides are arguing over if PM deserves redemption.

According to the sources, MP Steve Baker who initiated the conversation in Parliament argued with SNP MP Ian Blackford.

“Some of us actually are extremely disappointed but I will just say one thing whilst I’ve got the floor…he’s [Blackford] a brother in Christ. Does he not believe in redemption?”

“I believe, Mr. Speaker, in truth and justice, and I believe that when a Prime Minister has misled the House that he should face the appropriate sanctions,” Blackford replied to Baker.

In the entire heated debate, the MPs accused Johnson of denying all the allegations against him before he is asked to confess and forgive. The MPs’ uproar against the Political uncertainties in the country is hinting toward Borris Johnson’s resignation as the PM of the UK, especially during lockdown.

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