Thousands protest for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Thousands worldwide protest for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and stand in solidarity with Palestine.

Thousands of individuals worldwide have taken to the streets in solidarity with Palestine amid Israel’s ongoing offensive in Gaza. In major cities like Madrid, Spain, demonstrators marched, waving pro-Palestinian flags and banners, demanding an immediate ceasefire. The rally, which saw thousands winding through closed-off streets, culminated in the central Plaza del Sol square, where participants advocated for freedom for Palestine and an end to the suffering of innocent civilians.

In London, approximately 250,000 people gathered to protest, urging for a halt to the violence in Gaza. Organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the demonstration marked one of the largest gatherings since the conflict’s onset in October. The sheer magnitude of the protest reflects growing global concern over the situation in Gaza, particularly as Israel intensifies its military operations in Rafah, located in southern Gaza.


The call for peace resonated among diverse groups, with UK Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s cabinet ministers joining the Madrid demonstration. Transport Minister Oscar Puente stressed the need for an immediate ceasefire, echoing sentiments shared by many marchers.

Despite the overwhelmingly peaceful nature of the protests, there were some instances of tension. In London, over 1,500 police officers monitored the event, resulting in 12 arrests for offences related to placards, assaults on officers, and refusal to remove face coverings. However, the Metropolitan Police acknowledged that the vast majority of participants remained lawful.

Critics have accused pro-Israeli groups of attempting to label the pro-Palestinian movement as anti-Semitic. Such accusations have been met with disdain from supporters who view them as a diversion from addressing the root causes of the conflict.

Protests also erupted in Israel, with demonstrators in Tel Aviv and West Jerusalem calling for a captive-prisoner exchange and immediate elections. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to forego further negotiations in Cairo regarding the release of captives has sparked outrage among families of the detained.

Netanyahu remains steadfast in his military approach, asserting that Israel’s pressure on Hamas is yielding results. Despite mounting pressure for a ceasefire, he remains committed to military action, even in densely populated areas like Rafah.

As global solidarity with Palestine grows, pressure mounts on world leaders to broker a lasting ceasefire and address the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza.