Russian troops retrieve to their bases after sparking tensions


After several days of sparking fears of a full-blown war Russian troops that were amassed at the Ukraine border, are now retrieving back to their military garrisons, stated a spokesperson for the defense ministry of Russia.

Ukraine breathes a sigh of relief and confirms that it has managed to avert the Russian offensive with the help of the West.

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba informed reporters in Kyiv,” We and our allies have managed to prevent Russia from any further escalation. It is already the middle of February and you see that diplomacy is continuing to work.”

Soon after the news reached the public, they took to Twitter to lighten up the mood. we have a select few memes for you to laugh at and brighten up your mood.

From the past few days and weeks, Russian troops had gathered around the Ukrainian border including Belarus. Their presence felt as though they were bullying and they carried out their military drills awaiting Putin’s orders for an imminent attack.

Now the intervention of the US that had previously warned Russia of unforgivable economic sanctions should it chooses to invade Ukraine.

Although Russia informs that its military is returning back to their garrisons, these drills are to be continued till February 20th.

Putin’s decision to retrieve the troops also comes in from a meeting he had with his Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.