Russia pilot-tests world’s first nuclear offensive missile ‘Sarmat’

Russian President Putin boasts it to be the world’s most nuclear offensive ICBM that can hit a target 6000 kms away.

Russia enters the 57th day of the offensive against Ukraine today and it has test-fired a brutal most dangerous missile from Plesetsk, in northwest Russia today. Russian President Vladimir Putin in a state-run media announced, “we have pilot-tested our latest offensive Sarmat Inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) for the very first time today, and our enemies have to watch their next step now. From its point of origin, Sarmat can travel up to 18,000 km at speed of over 25,000km/h and can hit a target in the Kamchatka Peninsula and beyond.”


Sarmat’s specifications are as follows:

  • Western analysts believe that Sarmat is a replica of Satan 2 and Russia’s most advanced and invincible missile.
  • It is an ICBM and is a nuclear offensive. This missile can carry more than 10 warheads on each missile.
  • It’s a supersonic ICBM and gives very little time for enemy missiles surveillance to track its trajectory.
  • Putin boasts of Sarmat weighing 200 tonnes and can hit any target on this planet.

Russian Defence Ministry in their official statement today said, “Sarmat was successfully test-fired in Plesetsk cosmodrome North of Russia, and a training session has successfully completed with the Kura test range in the Kamchatka Peninsula which is at the far east end of Russia.”

The Russian Defence Ministry further added, “Sarmat missile is a nuclear offensive and a very powerful missile in the world currently. It has the longest range of going offensive on any target in the world.”