Russia destroys Ukrainian kindergartens, no children spared

MFA of Ukraine has shared images of kindergartens getting converted into debris amid Russian attacks in Kyiv.


From the date Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, everything has changed drastically. People have been fleeing the country , buildings getting flattened, innocent civilians killed, schools and hospitals destroyed and whatnot. The Ukrainian foreign ministry is keeping the records of destruction the war has caused.

The Ukrainian photographer and documentary filmmaker Mikhail Palinchak in his Instagram handle posted photographs. Of kindergartens destroyed to debris, in Makariv village of Kyiv.

The post reads “It is hard to believe that only few months ago. There were kindergartens, where dozens of children were learning and making fun.”

It’s the 73rd day since Russian military attacked Ukraine beginning a full scale “invasion”. Which has caused massive destruction.

The Ukrainian government is hoping to evacuate more civilians from a besieged Mariupol. As the Russian forces made fresh escalated attacks across the country. Ahead of May 9 celebrations marking Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in the Second World War, Reuters reported.

The last pocket of Ukrainian resistance in the devastated Kyiv city. And its fate has taken on a symbolic value in the war unleashed by Russia’s invasion.

More is going to happen and the whole world is watching this with cold blood. People of Ukraine are experiencing the cruelty of Russian soldiers. The United States has even stipulated that Russian troops were instructed to cause psychological trauma. Reports of abuse and torture have started being made public and Ukraine remains exhausted.