"Release me in exchange for Ukrainian hostages," pleads Putin's billionaire friend Viktor Medvedchuk | Business Upturn

“Release me in exchange for Ukrainian hostages,” pleads Putin’s billionaire friend Viktor Medvedchuk

Viktor Medvedchuk in a video that went viral stated he be released in exchange for Ukrainian hostages held in the port city of Mariupol.

Russia-Ukraine crisis entered the 54th day of war and the latest development from Ukraine is that a video grab has been released where the Russian tycoon and Putin’s inner circle Viktor Medvedchuk has asked Russian President Putin to release hostages in exchange for his release.

On Monday Ukraine showcased a video of Viktor Medvedchuk pleading with Russian President Putin to release hostages from the port region of Mariupol as asked by Ukraine, in exchange for his release. Mariupol a pro-democratic region, has become a bone of contention since the Russian military invaded it.


Viktor in his video footage said, “In exchange for the Ukrainian hostages held in the port city of Mariupol, I request Russian President Putin and Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to spare my life and let me go.” This was released by officials of Kyiv security. Viktor was wearing an all-black dress when he stated this and without blinking an eyelid he said this looking straight into the camera.

Earlier last month Viktor Medvedchuk successfully escaped house arrest just after Russia had invaded Ukraine, again was detained by Ukraine citing safe exit was non-existent for troops and civilians alike.

Viktor Medvedchuk is a Russian tycoon and a politician and was one among Ukraine’s elite with Russian President Vladimir Putin being his youngest daughter Darya’s godfather.

As per Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, “He is a foreign politician and there is nothing more to it.” kremlin has outrightly denied his claims and did not like the idea of exchange to release Ukrainian hostages for his release, however, Zelenskyy held the idea close to his heart and ensured this idea was heard.