Know which all countries spent most time on Social Media!

In the ongoing pandemic situation, where many people have found their escape on the internet and many others have shifted work completed on the internet, escaping from the lure of social media platforms is hard.

The global digital landscape is still evolving rapidly as we enter the second half of 2020, with the Coronavirus pandemic continuing to influence and reshape various aspects of people’s daily lives.


Lockdowns may have been lifted across many countries, but many of the new digital behaviours that people adopted during confinement have endured, resulting in meaningful increases in various kinds of digital activity.

On average internet users around the world spent 2 hours and 22 minutes on social media per day, though trends differed vastly by country.

Ever wondered which nation spends the most time on social media in 2020, Here’s a look at the list:

The Philippines tops the list with an average time of 3 hours 50 mins spent in a day connecting to social networks. That is nearly one-third of the time they spend on the internet daily. Nigeria is the second worldwide for social media usage, spends an average of 3 hours and 42 minutes every day on social media. India ranks third in the list with an average of 2 hours 36 minutes spent in a day on social media.

An article by Hindu said that it can be seen that in many developing countries like India, the cost of 1 GB of data is less (in fact, it is the least). It is also in these countries that Internet penetration is less, but social media usage is high.

The United States ranks 4th in the world in average social media usage time at two hours and eight-minute. Followed by China who is clocked around an average of 1 hour 57 minutes while the UK spends only 1 hour 41 mins every day.

Some of the more developed markets have shown signs of plateauing which could be driven by ageing populations in these countries. During a typical day in Japan, people spend only three-quarters of an hour i.e. 46 minutes a day staying connected on social networks. Germany ranks 7th and posts only slightly higher numbers with users going on social media for 1 hour 20 minutes a day.

In many of the markets that social media use had shrunk or plateaued in Q1 2020 when compared with 2019 and 2018 figures – the 2021 report will reveal if the Coronavirus pandemic has reversed this trend.

6,76,000 users aged 16-64 were interviewed across 46 markets.