King Charles III and Queen Camilla crowned: First pictures out now

Britain’s Charles III has finally ended his long awaited moment. He has been crowned the King in a glided ceremony today, on May 6th.

Post the death of his mother and former monarch, Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022, he had legally inherited the throne. However, King was yet to receive the St. Edward’s Crown formally during a  religion-infused ceremony in Westminster Abbey.


Gun salutes were heard across the nation at 13 locations, such as Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, and naval vessels.

The coronation ceremony was attended by some of the most notable personalities internationally such as United Kingdom Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak. Describing the ceremony, PM called it a ‘moment of extraordinary national pride.” He added that it is indeed a pride expression of their history and culture, and also gives a demonstration of the modern character of the country. This shall be celebrated across the Commonwealth and beyond.

Apart from Sunak, popular celebrities also attended the royal attended which included singer Katy Perry and actor Tom Cruise.