Hong Kong sinks deeper into Chinese Expansionist Quagmire

The communist party of China (CPC), has tightened its screws on Hong Kong’s freedom as it is set to assume more power in one its many disputed territories

Even as the world continues to battle the COVID19 pandemic, China’s National People Congress has exacerbated the condition of Hong Kong, by jeopardizing its freedom and liberty even further, as it passed the more stringent Hong Kong security law. This, as the populace of the former British territory, has been indulged protests against another draconian law, passed a month ago,  criminalizing any act of secession, subversion, terrorism, or collusion with foreign forces.

The protests were deemed illicit and dangerous to public health by the authorities, as the COVID19 protocols still seem to be in place. The Chinese Government’s move is seen as strategically planned to not allow a rebellion to come to pass, these restrictions would impeach any form of large civilian movement on the streets. This particular law is said even deeper ramifications, as, the judiciary of the country is undermined in the process, thereby destroying the idiosyncratic ecosystem of freedom that the territory enjoys, unlike any other disputed province, under partial or complete Chinese control.

At the same pint and time china, ostensibly seem to be misusing the prevailing circumstances, as apart from Taiwan (Officially the Republic of China), an island of the west coast of China, it has also tried to encroach and entrench its hegemony in the Galwan Valley region along the Galwan River, situated in the disputed region, between India and China on its Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Hong Kong was transferred to China from British control in 1997,  but under a special agreement that distinguished the equation between the countries as one country two systems, which granted the citizens of Hong Kong, some special rights until 2047.




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