Former Punjab CM slams PM Trudeau: “Handed him list of 9 terrorists but…”

Amarinder Singh compared the Pakistan and Canada model of patronage to anti-India forces and urged the government of India to intensify international pressure on Canada to hand over terrorists

India-Canada Captain Amarinder Singh, a former chief minister of Punjab, criticised Justin Trudeau for blaming India for the murder of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Captain Amarinder Singh discussed how he gave Justin Trudeau a list of nine terrorists during the Canadian PM’s 2018 visit to India in an opinion article that was published in the publication TheIndianExpress (behind a paywall). However, Trudeau chose to ignore the list.

The list contained the names of nine A-category terrorists, according to the former Chief Minister, and he demanded that something be done about them.


“When I met Trudeau as Chief Minister of Punjab on behalf of the Government of India in February 2018 at Amritsar, I handed over a list of nine A-category terrorists to him for action,” he wrote. “But the Canadian government chose to ignore the list completely.”

The Canadian Prime Minister’s accusations, according to Amarinder Singh, are not surprising because “he plays to the extremist gallery.” It was a “classic case of the pot calling the kettle black,” he said, adding that Canada was home to anti-Indian groups.

The former chief minister criticised the Canadian government’s response to the attack on Hindu and Indian consulates in that country. He rejected the justification of “freedom of expression” offered by the Canadian government for subversive actions.