Chinese Military behind cyber attacks in Japan: Report

The Chinese military has been suspected of ordering hackers to attack hundreds of targets in Japan, including their space agency and defence systems.

According to the Japanese news agency, NHK, the police had sent papers to the prosecutors related to a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) member on suspicion of forging digital records related to cyber-attacks. The police had identified a Chinese man in 2016, who had leased several servers in Japan that were used in an attack on the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency or JAXA.

Tokyo Police suspects that the Chinese Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army had instructed a hacker group in China, called Tick, to attack over 200 Japanese companies and advanced research institutions, including Mitsubishi Electric and Keio University.

A JAXA spokesperson told NHK that they did suffer the hack but experienced no data leaks or other damage. Meanwhile, a Chinese man was allegedly instructed by a bureau in charge of cyberattacks under China’s PLA, to rent several servers in Japan by using fake identities.

The revelation comes at a time when tensions between China and Japan have escalated amid the increased activity of the Chinese administration in the East China Sea. Last month Japan had reported that China’s coastguard had expanded its presence in the contested waters by entering twice a month near Japanese controlled Senkaku Islands, known by the Chinese as Diaoyu.

Moreover, Microsoft had reported last month that a sophisticated group of hackers from China had hacked into the popular email service that allowed them to gain access to computers. The CNN had said in a report “The company had said there were four vulnerabilities through which hackers were able to access email accounts, and allowed an installation of additional malware to gain long term access to victim environments,” reported CNN.

Last year, Australia had been hit by a major cyberattack by it called a “state-based actor”.

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