BBC appoints Dr. Samir Shah as first Indian-origin chairman

Dr. Samir Shah becomes the first Indian-origin chairman of BBC, bringing over 40 years of experience in UK broadcasting.

In a historic move, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has appointed Dr. Samir Shah as its first Indian-origin chairman. The 72 year-old media executive, with over four decades of experience in UK broadcasting, was confirmed for the prestigious role after rigorous scrutiny processes.

Dr. Shah’s journey to the helm of BBC began when he was selected as the government’s preferred candidate in December of last year. Following this, he underwent thorough questioning by cross-party MPs of the House of Commons Media Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee as part of the pre-appointment scrutiny.


With his confirmation, Dr. Shah is poised to take charge as the public broadcaster’s chairman from March 4, embarking on a four-year term that extends until March 2028. His appointment marks a significant milestone, not only for his own career but also for the representation of Indian-origin individuals in prominent positions within British institutions.

UK Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer, in announcing Dr. Shah’s selection, lauded his extensive experience in TV production and journalism, spanning more than four decades. She expressed confidence in his ability to navigate the BBC through the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving media landscape.

Dr. Shah’s vision for the BBC aligns with the corporation’s enduring commitment to excellence in broadcasting. His appointment comes at a pivotal time when the media industry faces unprecedented changes and disruptions, driven by technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences.

As the first Indian-origin chairman of BBC, Dr. Shah brings a diverse perspective to the leadership table. His background and expertise are expected to enrich the BBC’s decision-making processes and enhance its ability to serve diverse audiences across the globe.

In assuming his new role, Dr. Shah pledges to support and scrutinize the BBC’s operations with a keen eye on fostering innovation, inclusivity, and journalistic integrity. His leadership is poised to shape the future trajectory of one of the world’s most renowned public broadcasters, ensuring its relevance and impact in the digital age.

The appointment of Dr. Samir Shah stands as a testament to the BBC’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity, reflecting the organization’s recognition of talent and merit regardless of background or origin. As he takes on this historic role, Dr. Shah embarks on a journey to uphold the BBC’s legacy while steering it towards a future defined by excellence, relevance, and service to society.