Will Scottie Scheffler make the cut at 2024 U.S. Open?

Scottie Scheffler, renowned for filling scorecards with more circles than your local polka festival, has hit a snag at the U.S. Open. Despite a stellar season with five PGA Tour victories under his belt, Scheffler’s recent performance under the North Carolina foliage left much to be desired, culminating in a disappointing 4-over-par 74 on Friday. This stumble has placed him perilously close to missing the cut, a rare predicament for the golfer who hasn’t been on the sidelines during tournament action in over 672 days.

Friday’s round saw Scheffler grappling with uncharacteristic struggles, particularly with his putter, which appeared to have misplaced its usual enchantment. Not a single birdie graced his scorecard, marking a major first in his career. The tipping point came on the daunting No. 15, where a badly botched chip followed by a wide-straying 17-foot putt prompted Scheffler to vent his frustration by launching his putter skyward in a moment of sheer exasperation.


The afternoon continued to unravel for Scheffler. By No. 18, his patience had reached its limits as he emphatically drove his driver into the earth, a gesture that spoke volumes about his mounting frustration. Stomping across the fairway with his club gripped tightly by its neck, he seemed on the verge of staging a dramatic golf club intervention.

As the cut line ebbs and flows, Scheffler finds himself in uncertain territory, grappling with the prospect of an early departure from the U.S. Open. For a golfer accustomed to circling birdies rather than the potential cut line, the stakes are high and the tension palpable. Stay tuned to see if Scheffler can turn the tide and reclaim his spot among the leaderboard elites, or if he’ll be left to ponder his first missed cut in what feels like an eternity on the tour.


Did Scottie Scheffler make the cut at the U.S. Open?

After a disappointing Round 2, Scottie Scheffler finds himself teetering on the brink of missing the weekend action at Pinehurst. Currently tied for 83rd place, he finished the round at +5, placing him just outside the projected cut line of +3. With only the top 60 players (plus ties) advancing after 36 holes, Scheffler now faces an uphill battle, relying on faltering performances from his competitors to keep his hopes alive.

Scheffler entered Round 2 with a somewhat promising start, having posted a 1-over-par 71 in the opening round. While not flawless, this score initially positioned him within safe distance of the cut line. Given his recent strong form on the tour, including multiple victories this season, many anticipated a stronger showing from him on Friday.

However, the faster greens proved to be a formidable challenge for Scheffler. His 4-over-par performance in Round 2 marked his highest score in a single round this year, significantly hampering his chances of progressing to the weekend rounds at Pinehurst.

Despite this setback, Scheffler’s recent track record in major tournaments has been impressive. Following his triumph at Augusta National in the Masters, he continued to shine with a tied-eighth finish at the PGA Championship in May. Notably, Scheffler has maintained a flawless streak of making cuts at majors since the 2022 PGA Championship, underscoring his consistency and competitive edge in high-stakes tournaments.

As the competition unfolds and the cut line fluctuates, Scheffler remains determined to rally in the remaining holes, aiming to secure his place among the top contenders for the weekend rounds. Golf fans will be eagerly watching to see if he can overcome this setback and continue his quest for success at the U.S. Open.