“When someone is bowling well….” Virender Sehwag criticizes Hardik Pandya’s move in IPL 2023 Final

The recently concluded IPL 2023 provided fans with numerous nail-biting last-over finishes, placing immense pressure on the death-over bowlers. One such intense moment unfolded during the final match between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Gujarat Titans (GT), where Mohit Sharma had a remarkable start to the over. However, the game quickly took a turn when CSK’s Ravindra Jadeja showcased a moment of brilliance, guiding his team to a thrilling five-wicket victory and their fifth IPL title. However, not all was praised, as batting legend Virender Sehwag criticized GT captain Hardik Pandya for his team’s loss.

In a rain-affected match at the Narendra Modi Stadium, Chennai required 13 runs in the last over to chase down a revised target of 171 in 15 overs. Hardik entrusted the crucial final over to Mohit, who had been the standout bowler for GT throughout the game. Mohit began the over by delivering four consecutive yorkers to Jadeja and Shivam Dube, conceding only three runs. His execution appeared flawless, and he exuded confidence in his approach. However, he stumbled on the two most crucial deliveries, which were dispatched for a six over long-on and a four past short fine leg, ultimately securing CSK’s victory. Sehwag, speaking to Cricbuzz, echoed similar sentiments, expressing that Hardik’s actions had “disturbed” Mohit, leading to a lapse in his line and length during the final two balls.


“When someone is bowling well and consistently hitting yorkers, why would you go and have a word with him? The bowler knows that the batsman needs 10 runs from 2 balls and that sticking with yorkers is crucial. So why waste the bowler’s time? If Mohit had been hit for runs earlier, then a discussion might have been warranted, but when the bowler is performing his role effectively, the focus should be on swiftly completing the over. It is possible that the captain may have had concerns or wanted to inquire about any field changes for the final two balls. However, if I were in that position, I wouldn’t have disturbed the bowler,” Sehwag stated.

Sehwag’s comments shed light on the delicate balance between providing guidance and allowing a bowler to maintain their rhythm and concentration during critical moments. Effective communication and support from the captain play a vital role in ensuring bowlers perform to the best of their abilities under pressure.