“Shots from 30,000 feet”, Indian embassy in France posts pictures of Rafale jets getting re-fueled mid air

The Indian Embassy in France has shared incredible shots of Rafale Fighter jets getting fueled mid air, while getting ready to arrive in India on Wednesday.


With an incredible amount of enthusiasm, India is all set to welcoming aboard the five Rafale fighter jets which took off from France on Monday and are scheduled to arrive in India on Wednesday. The jets were scheduled to have a lay over in the UAE and the re-fueling was supposed to be done mid air.

While the jets are en route, the Indian Air Force shares a collection of shots taken of the jets while getting re-fueled in the air. The Indian Embassy in France shared some breathtaking pictures, on Twitter, of the jets getting refueled, mid-air.

The jets had safely landed today at Al-Dhafra, post a seven-hour long flight from France, on Monday evening.

An extensive support has been offered by the government of France which also included re-fueling of the jets mid-way. The refueling between France to Al-Dhafra was supported by the French Air Force’s Airbus A330 multi-role tanker transport (MRTT) aircraft.

From Al-Dafrah to Ambala, the Aerial refueling would be done by the Indian Air Force’s Russian Ilyushin-78 refuellers, as reported by Hindustan Times.

The jets took off from France on Monday. They are being driven by trained pilots of the Indian Air Force. To commemorate this occasion, the Indian Ambassador, Jawed Ashraf, was present at the sight. He also took charge of spearheading the execution of the first leg of the operation.

The Indian Embassy in France shared a video on Twitter, of a rafale jet. The embassy termed it “beauty and beast” while appreciating the splendid aviation masterpiece.

With the first batch of jets arriving tomorrow at Ambala’s Indian Air Force Fleet, Section 144 has been imposed in the city and the four villages close to the airbase. Gathering on roods and photography has also been prohibited during their arrival, said Munish Sehgal, DSP Traffic, Ambala.

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