Indonesian youtuber posts 2-hour long video of himself sitting idle, garners 1.9 million views

An Indonesian youtuber uploads a video of himself sitting idle for 2 hours and garners 1.9 million views.

The wave of content creators logging into Youtube, especially during the nationwide lock down has largely changed the shape of cyber culture. The video platform youtube has been flooding with content creators like CarryMinati and Tanmay Bhatt, providing content of all sorts.

However, a recently grown Youtube star has surpassed all of them. The Indonesian Youtuber, Muhammad Didit, has been able to garner over 1.9 million views with over 27,000 followers with just one video. This number was in fact more than what an average Youtuber gets on their first videos.

This fact raises the question, What is so different about the content that he creates? The simple answer to this is, he is different because he does nothing.

The Youtuber has uploaded a two-hour long video of himself sitting idle. The title of the video is ‘2 JAM nggak ngapa – ngapain’ which translates to ‘2 hours of doing nothing’. Didit states that the inspiration behind this video stemmed from his subscribers who urged him to make educating content for youth.

“Maybe I should tell you a little bit about the reason behind the video. It all started with a lot of pressure from some elements of Indonesian society lately who asked me to create content that educates young people. Finally, with a little bit of heavy heart and compulsion, I made it – BOOM, but if you talk about the benefits of the video, it is up to you the viewers, who need to be clever and filter it out. I hope you will like the video and will be entertained”, quoted Didit in the description of the video on Youtube.

Netizens are losing their minds over this video and the video has been getting affirmative responses from people. “This guy’s a GENIUS. beats other youtubers who thought about their content for 2 hours/day. He did nothing for 2 hours and earned a lot of money”, stated a viewer in the comments section of the video.

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