Calcutta High Court allows lawyer to file PIL for CBI probe on KK’s death

Calcutta Lawyer has allowed the lawyer to file PIL in regards to the investigation of KK’s death.

On Monday, 6th June 2021 the Calcutta High court has allowed lawyer Ravishankar Chatterjee to file a PIL demanding a CBI enquiry into the death of beloved singer Krishnakumar Kunnath aka KK.


 The PIL has been accepted by the Chief Justice of the High. As per the latest reports received from the reporters on the ground. The recent updates clear that it is very likely that a date can be given by the High court by today evening. 

The student bodies and the organizing team responsible for the event have been asked to testify in court if the PIL moves further. The CBI investigation to be conducted is also on similar lines as it would question the management policies of the university which had brought the singer and also of the state police against whom doubts have been raised for not working efficiently. 

The veteran singer had passed away on May 31st after a live performance at the Nazrul Mancha, Kolkata, West Bengal. The singer was 53 when he passed away. 

Recent speculations over the death of the singer had revealed that the singer was feeling unwell. And had also mentioned it to his producers and others. The singer was seen to have been quite distressed and continuously wiping his face with a cloth.

Questions have been asked about the whole set-up at the Nazrul Mancha during the concert. The organisers have complained about the lack of proper management. And the security forces needed to control the whole crowd that had gathered in the auditorium on 31st. 

Further updates regarding the matter are still awaited.