Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz advises Sonali Phogat to stop talking about her eviction

In the recent Extra Masala clip, Eijaz Khan advises Sonali Phogat not to think much about eviction and to think about positive things for her.

In the Bigg Boss 14 house, the one thing all the contestants fear is evictions. Sonali Phogat is afraid of getting evicted from the game. In the recent extra masala clip, Eijaz Khan tells Sonali Phogat that he does not like her habit of assuming she will be the next housemate to be eliminated during every eviction.

Eijaz says, “Kyu bolte rehte ho, har ek mauka mile jaise, aap bolte rehte pehle jaoge, kya kar rahe ho aap, please apne muh se mat nikaleye yeh.” He also points out that Rakhi Sawant keeps saying that ‘Saraswati Ji’ resides on your lips, and it might happen with us too.


Sonali says that she feels that she will get evicted. Eijaz tries explaining to her that there are hundreds of things to happen that but she should not say such things aloud and not to assume so much. He said that every time she says about eviction, she releases that energy in the universe.

Further, Eijaz advises Sonali that it’s a simple thing, if one keeps thinking about winning, his micro-actions, expression, routine, every little thing will lead him closer to the goal. He says that there is a book titled, ‘The Secret,’ which says that the energy one releases, the universe completes it. And if she keeps on talking about her eviction there are chances, she might get evicted. He adds that if she has already accepted the defeat then, why would her fans save her and support her.