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WhatsApp planning to let users upload an avatar profile picture

Users will be able to use an avatar as a mask while making video calls in the distant future, as well as a sticker to share with their friends. However, avatars will provide users with an additional feature: the ability to set up an avatar to use as a profile photo!


WhatsApp is reportedly developing a feature that will allow users to customise their “Avatar” profile photos.
Earlier, it was reported that the Meta-owned instant messaging service is developing a feature that would allow users to respond to video calls while using an animated avatar.

According to WABeta, WhatsApp is developing an Avatar profile photo feature that will allow users to set a customised avatar as a display picture. A screenshot obtained by the WhatsApp information portal shows users will be able to customise and choose an avatar, select a background colour, and set an avatar as their profile photo. There is currently no word on when the feature will be available. And, because it is still in the early stages of development, it might be some time before it is made available to the general public.

WhatsApp announced a slew of new privacy features for its service earlier this month, which are now being rolled out to all users.


Following the update, users will reportedly be able to choose whether their Online status is visible to all users, only contacts, or nobody. The visibility of other chat features, such as read receipts, can also be controlled in the same way. Furthermore, WhatsApp users will be able to leave any group they are a part of without notifying the rest of the group. It should be noted that group admin will still be notified of their exit.