WhatsApp announces new privacy features, will roll out this month

WhatsApp announces new privacy features, including leaving groups silently, that will be rolling out later this month.


New privacy capabilities for WhatsApp users were revealed on Tuesday, giving them the ability to leave groups privately and control who can see when they are online. For “view once” communications, WhatsApp will also prevent screen shots.

The “Leave Groups Silently” capabilities on WhatsApp will allow members to leave a group in private without having to inform everyone. Now, only the admins will be notified when a member of the group leaves, as opposed to the entire group. This month, the feature will begin to go out to all users.

Users can feel more connected to one another by seeing when friends and family are online, but everyone has had instances when they wished to check their WhatsApp in secret. The ability to choose who can and cannot see when you’re online is a new tool that WhatsApp is bringing for the times you want to keep your online presence private, the company stated in a statement. This function will begin rolling out to all users this month.

The firm went on to say that the launch of these new capabilities is supported by a recent WhatsApp privacy survey, which indicated that 72% of people appreciate the ability to talk honestly and unfilteredly, but that more than 47% can only do this in a safe, private setting.

“51% of people want to remain anonymous online to pick and choose who they want to talk to when they need more privacy. Blocking features are regarded as important by 91% of those who are aware of them. For this reason, WhatsApp is adding new levels of security that let users communicate freely and in private, the company stated.

Whatsapp will also launch a new educational campaign to inform people about the new features, beginning with the UK and India.