The government provides these 5 precautions to keep you safe online

Cyber Dost, the government of India’s safety and cyber security awareness platform, has provided five crucial guidelines for people to remember when using the internet.


The increasing frequency of cyber attack instances in India raises serious concerns about cyber safety. India had an average of roughly 200,000 threats each day in the first three months of 2022, according to US-based cyber security company Norton. Recently, the Indian government released some advice on how to keep safe online.

India’s Ministry of Home Affairs has posted five crucial guidelines for residents to remember when using the internet on Cyber Dost, their safety and cyber security awareness website. Here are some of these advice:

Never share personal information with unknown

Identity theft and other issues might arise from disclosing personal information to online strangers. People are urged not to post private information online, especially bank account information.

Maintain netiquette while online

Internet etiquette is referred to as netiquette. It includes instructions for sending emails, having online conversations, and other things. Netiquette’s goals are to prevent user dispute and to assist in creating a productive environment for online conversation.

Take care with what you share online

On the internet, it can be dangerous to share information like OTPs, bank card numbers, and addresses. It is usually advised to provide personal information via DMs to the verified social media accounts only, even if the company is handling your complaint.

Never accept friend request from unknown person on social media platform

Your risk of online dangers may increase if you accept friend requests from strangers. Scammers may fake your profile in order to get personal data and access online accounts.

Always keep your password strong and safe

A password that is optimal for security is 12 characters long. The combination should consist of letters, numbers, and symbols. Your personal information will be protected and kept out of the wrong hands if you use a strong password to access your online accounts.