Sonu Raju’s Sqing Solutions empowering people through the lens of technology

India has played a central role in the integration of people and new technologies. This equal cooperation has always worked well because it opens up new possibilities and fills market gaps. Founder of a technology-based company, Sonu Raju, has recognised the importance of this idea and has seen great strides in empowering many people through technology and his company, Sqing Solutions Private Limited.

Sqing Solutions is a notable internet technology start-up in India. Not only has it established itself in India, but it is also a major international player for clients in other countries. Based in Kochi, the main goal and services of the company are to support the operation of mobile applications in multiple regional languages of India. In addition, it strives to improve various corporate structures in many sectors of society, including reseller programmes and sales, customer care, moderation, and support.


The impact of the Sqing solution is clear even for companies with more than 18 employees. The company’s founder, Sonu Raju, has long held the view that if the world should move towards modernization, so should humanity. The company has repeatedly proven that it always comes up with something original and innovative, such as the launch of Quizina, a proprietary version of Kaun Banega Crorepati that allows you to gain knowledge and money at the same time. The startup created an app that allows users to sign up, take quizzes, test their knowledge, and win prizes in the form of wall credits.

The creator of Sqing Solutions, Sonu Raju, grew up in a middle-class family in Kothamangalam. His parents, siblings, and grandparents make up the bulk of his family. He also obtained a diploma in health from CMR University in Bangalore. A newcomer from scratch has built his life around becoming an entrepreneur. Sonu Raju also laid the groundwork for Waka Voice in 2021. It is a platform focused on helping hosts discover themselves and establish themselves in the global community.

Sqing Solutions has a reputation for being candid about key concerns such as It gives developers multiple options to monetize the economy. Thanks to the app’s live-streaming and complete transparency, the public can monitor the nation’s untapped talent. The software allows the host to make money by handing out virtual gifts in his chat rooms. It also provides Apps like KukuFM, Chingari and others that are very similar. The app also enhances the idea of virtual gift-giving as it allows you to connect with friends and family to give and receive gifts.

The company has multiple offices in Kerala and plans to expand soon in terms of success and growth. There is a growing demand for SaaS products in the market, and Sqing Solutions is always there to meet it with unique experiences and services.