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When Meta verified travels to India, the price will be as follows

Following Twitter, the meta platforms Instagram and Facebook also get compensated verified checkmarks.

After only a few months of operation, Meta Verified, which allows Instagram and Facebook users to confirm their identity, is expanding to India. But unlike Twitter, Meta is still respecting old verified badges.

Those in India who authenticate on iOS and Android would pay Rs 699 per month for the same. At a later time, users will also be able to verify online. Users will receive the verified badge, proactive impersonation prevention, and account assistance as part of the subscription.

For the time being, businesses are not eligible for Meta Verified while the social network considers “what a valuable subscription offering for businesses could look like in the future.”

Since the first testing in Australia and New Zealand, according to a letter from Meta, “a few adjustments have been made based on learnings, including the removal of increased reach.” The memo said that additional components to add to the subscription were being investigated and that this would also be the strategy for India.

How to verify your Meta

Requirements: Applicants must be at least 18 years old and their Meta accounts must fulfil certain activity standards, such as a history of past postings.

Select and Pay: Users must then choose the profile they wish to have verified and set up their payment method before clicking “Select and Pay.”

Verify: The next step is for applicants to provide a government ID that exactly matches the profile name and image of the Facebook or Instagram account they are requesting for. The money paid is reimbursed if the verification is disapproved.