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Twitter challenges Indian Government orders in legal battle

Twitter has decided to pursue a judicial review over government orders of content regulation.

Today, July 5, 2022: Twitter decided to push for a judicial review for some of the government orders. Which were instructed to Twitter in the past. Specifically, asking the social media giant to take down social media posts.

Hence, an insider source familiar with the matter informed that a legal challenge is given to those in respect for the abuse of power by officials.


The New Delhi government had previously gone into a quarrel with the social media giant over the matter of content regulation. Which needed to be maintained. The IT ministry had previously warned Twitter of a legal battle and criminal proceedings if they did not comply with the orders.

Over the last year, Twitter has received requests from Indian authorities to take action on a variety of content. Including accounts that promote an independent Sikh state and several tweets. Futher, that criticize how the government is managing the COVID-19 outbreak. No further comments from the ministry have been received.

Further updates on the matter still awaited.