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Instagram provides insights into explore feed ranking for personalized content

Platform highlights factors influencing post visibility and user preferences

In a recent update, Instagram has shed light on the inner workings of its Explore feed algorithm, aiming to clarify how content is ranked and personalized for users. The Explore feed serves as a space for discovering photos and videos from accounts that users do not yet follow, covering a diverse range of interests. To address queries about content relevancy, Instagram’s Head, Adam Mosseri, explains that the platform employs multiple signals rather than relying on a single algorithm.

When it comes to the Explore feed, Instagram considers several “important actions” such as likes, saves, and shares. If a user has saved a specific type of post or shared it with a friend, the likelihood of encountering similar content in their feed increases. Additionally, the platform takes note of the posts that tend to capture immediate attention when users open the Explore feed. For example, if a fashion-related post is opened promptly, subsequent fashion-related content will be prioritized and appear more frequently in the feed.

Instagram states, “Here we are looking at how popular a post seems to be. These are signals like how many and how quickly other people are liking, commenting, sharing, and saving a post. These signals matter much more in Explore than they do in feed or in Stories.” The algorithm also considers a user’s history of interacting with specific profiles, even if they are not following them. This helps create a more personalized Explore feed experience. While historical data aids the algorithm in understanding user behavior, recent interactions play a significant role in curating content.

Addressing concerns about offensive content, Instagram acknowledges its ongoing efforts to reduce the visibility of such posts in the Explore feed. If a friend a user follows shares something considered “offensive,” it may still appear in their feed. However, Instagram provides options to unfollow, block, mute, hide, or report any content that makes users uncomfortable.

Furthermore, Instagram aims to enhance transparency for users who feel their posts are not being discovered. The platform recognizes the concerns surrounding “shadowbanning” and offers features like Account Status to help users understand why their content may not be eligible for recommendation. This empowers users to take appropriate action, such as deleting problematic content or appealing decisions if they believe an error was made.

By sharing insights into its Explore feed algorithm and addressing user concerns, Instagram strives to create a more tailored and engaging experience for its diverse user base while fostering a safer and more personalized environment.