Facebook now a platform to broadcast large video calls to any profile,page or group

Facebook announced on Thursday that the recent feature would allow users to broadcast live video call with 50 people at a time. People can use this new feature with invite to others via Messenger rooms to even those who don’t have a Facebook account and broadcast the live room on any personal page or a profile on the platform, with the recent boom of live video conference and broadcast on a high, there is a growing potential for the firms such as Facebook and many other to grab the opportunity and they did so.

Zoom meetings soon became a well know live broadcasting platform due the current global Pandemic crisis and need for such live rooms boomed along with Zoom there other platforms such as Google meet too came into limelight. Moreover these live rooms are essential in day to day needs for work as as well as educational purpose, and it was inevitable for the surge in demand for such digital rooms and was seen as a prospect by the Facebook.


Facebook said the feature was to roll out to some countries on its Messenger Web and soon made available to other countries where the messenger rooms are soon available. Facebook Broadcast pages doubled in the month of June and is expected to grow more in the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic and lock down and social distant measures in place. With the current stance of these new feature other platforms such as Watsapp video call may become least favoured.

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