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5 Tips and strategies to use Snapchat for business growth


Snapchat is a popular social media platform that has grown over the past few years. It was founded in 2011 and has grown to over 200 million users worldwide. It’s one of the most fun and engaging platforms. It’s best known for its photo lenses and filters that can be shared with friends and family members instantly.

If you’re looking for ways to connect with your customers on a more intimate level (and increase sales), you should use Snapchat. In this post, you’ll learn the top tips and strategies for using Snapchat for business growth. Moreover, you’ll learn how to effectively use stories and draw attention without being flashy or bothersome.

Tracking And Monitoring


A monitoring tool will allow you to track mentions of your brand on social media and other platforms and show which posts perform best and which don’t. And if you have social-savvy teenagers, it’ll also teach you how to monitor Snapchat without them knowing. What’s more, you you’ll have access to your business logins and credentials.

You can also use a Snapchat monitoring tool to monitor other brands on the platform. For example, some software will allow you to use a dashboard to see who follows your account and what kind of content they post. This helps you keep tabs on your competition and find new influencers to collaborate with on future campaigns.

Providing Exclusive Content


Another way to grow your business on Snapchat is to make your followers feel special by giving them exclusive access to the content they can’t find anywhere else. You can do this by posting behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your business. You can show off your products or services in action or even post a video introduction of yourself and the team at work.

One of the best ways to add value is to create a personal connection with your audience on Snapchat. You can use filters if you’re hosting an event to drive engagements. In addition, you can use lenses in your snaps to attract more followers or customers. And if you’re feeling ambitious, you can try spying tools that let you track content movements in ghost mode. For this, check out eyeZy reviews and other next-generation app reviews.

Using Product Sneak Peeks

To get your audience excited about seeing the product in action, you can show it being used on Snapchat. This is an effective approach to educate potential buyers. It shows how unique the products would be after purchasing.

Additionally, you can use a unique angle or perspective when showing off your product. An exciting way to do this is filming from above so that viewers can see what’s happening from an overhead point of view. People love watching Snapchat videos where they get an aerial view of something unique or beautiful.

You may also want to consider using different lighting conditions while filming so that viewers can see the subtlety of color and texture in your products. Another thing you could do is show off your products under different settings. This allows people unfamiliar with your products to have an idea of how they look. Don’t forget to show off some fun moments too.

Offering Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to build your audience and promote your brand on Snapchat. You can use them to promote new products or as part of an event. Furthermore, giving away free stuff is a great way to build brand loyalty and awareness in the community. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on these contests either. You can make them as simple or complicated as you want, depending on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into them. But while you’re at it, remember to use hashtags for maximum engagement.

Hosting Question-And-Answer Sessions

Consider hosting a question-and-answer session as a live story. You can ask followers questions about your industry or about the topics you cover, then respond with answers that are helpful and relevant. This not only provides value to your followers but allows them to learn from you as well.

For example, if you’re a fitness trainer who wants to grow your client base by offering nutrition advice and exercise instruction, hold a monthly live story. Not just any story but one devoted explicitly to answering people’s questions related to nutrition and exercise.

Besides, you can have a specific purpose with Q&As. This can be getting people to sign up for your newsletter or giving them access to certain content they wouldn’t otherwise see. You can also use them to answer any questions you think might be on their minds based on what’s been going on with your brand lately, like an updated version of ‘Ask Me Anything’ on most social media platforms.


The above are a few tips and strategies that you can use to leverage the power of Snapchat for business growth. While it’s true there are other social media platforms out there, Snapchat is one of the best when it comes to connecting with your customers in a fun and personal way. The key is to keep experimenting until you find what works best for your company’s specific needs.