Safari just trounced Microsoft Edge’s AI features

Apple has unveiled a range of new features for Safari at WWDC 2024, heavily integrating AI into the browser. This move aligns with industry trends, as both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have already been incorporating AI enhancements.

The new Safari promises to be incredibly fast. Apple asserts that it is “the world’s fastest browser” on macOS, providing quick response times during web searches. Additionally, Safari boasts superior battery efficiency, claiming it can stream video for four hours longer than Google Chrome before exhausting the battery.

Safari continues to prioritize user privacy with improved intelligent tracking prevention. This feature ensures that private browsing remains genuinely private by protecting your browsing history and preventing websites from tracking your activities.

Safari’s new Highlights feature leverages machine learning to identify and display key snippets of information from the web pages you visit. This includes essential details like directions, phone numbers, and summaries, allowing you to access important information quickly without extensive searching. It also offers quick links to additional information about people, places, music, and movies mentioned on the page.

The Reader feature now utilizes AI to generate summaries and create a table of contents for easier navigation. Meanwhile, the new Viewer mode, accessible from the address bar, automatically detects and enlarges videos on the page for better viewing. If you switch away from Safari, the video seamlessly transitions to Picture in Picture mode, allowing continuous viewing without manual adjustments.

Apple’s AI integration extends beyond Safari. Unlike other browsers that confine their AI features within the browser itself, Apple’s AI capabilities are available system-wide. This means users can benefit from AI-assisted writing and other features in any application, not just Safari.

Apple’s approach to AI in Safari is understated and focused on practical utility, in contrast to the more conspicuous AI features seen in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, such as AI-generated browser themes. By emphasizing useful enhancements over flashy additions, Apple aims to provide a more seamless and effective user experience.

These updates mark just the beginning of Apple’s journey into AI-powered features for Safari, with a clear emphasis on enhancing functionality and user experience.