HPE and Nvidia team up on private cloud for Gen AI workloads

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has made several significant announcements aimed at addressing the increasing demands of artificial intelligence (AI), highlighted by the launch of a new private cloud solution.


Key Announcements from HPE

Collaboration with Nvidia

In a strategic partnership with Nvidia, HPE aims to accelerate the adoption of generative AI across highly regulated industries by providing a more private and controlled environment for AI deployment.

New Private Cloud AI Solution

Unveiled at the HPE Discover conference, the “Nvidia AI Computing by HPE” portfolio includes solutions and joint go-to-market integrations designed to speed up AI implementation for enterprises. Central to this portfolio is the launch of what HPE touts as the “first-of-its-kind turnkey, private-cloud AI solution.”

Features of the Private Cloud AI Solution

  • Deep Integration: This solution promises the deepest integration with Nvidia AI computing, networking, and software to date, along with access to HPE’s AI storage, compute resources, and the HPE GreenLake cloud platform.
  • Enterprise-Grade Control: It offers enterprise-level control over privacy and security, supporting various AI workloads including inference, fine-tuning, and retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) that leverage proprietary data.
  • Advanced Hardware Support: HPE also announced support for Nvidia’s latest GPUs, CPUs, and Superchips, including the HPE Cray XD670 server, which supports eight Nvidia H200 NVL Tensor Core GPUs tailored for large language model (LLM) builders.

Industry Impact and Availability

  • Addressing AI Complexity: HPE President and CEO Antonio Neri emphasized that this new solution aims to mitigate the risks and barriers posed by fragmented AI technologies, which have hindered large-scale enterprise adoption.
  • Enhanced AI Infrastructure: Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang highlighted that this collaboration represents an unprecedented level of integration between Nvidia and HPE technologies, combining Nvidia’s entire AI computing stack with HPE’s private cloud technology to offer cutting-edge computing infrastructure and services for enterprise clients and AI professionals.

Timeline for Release

  • Private Cloud AI Solution: Expected to become generally available in the fall, though no specific timeframe has been provided.
  • HPE Cray XD670 Server: Anticipated to go live over the summer.

HPE’s latest announcements, in partnership with Nvidia, mark a significant step towards enhancing AI deployment in regulated industries. The new private cloud AI solution promises to deliver a secure, integrated, and high-performance platform tailored to meet the complex demands of enterprise AI applications.

Stay tuned for more updates as HPE’s advanced AI solutions roll out later this year, potentially transforming how enterprises leverage AI technologies for innovation and growth.