Here’s how Microsoft Phone Link for iOS allows users to access photos from their smartphone

Users can also access photographs on their smartphone using the Windows 11 photos app through the Microsoft Phone Link for iOS.

The eagerly-awaited Phone Link for iOS has begun to be made available to Windows 11 users by Microsoft. Android users already have access to the features, which enables them to link their smartphones to their PCs. Now, Windows 11 PC owners with iPhones can connect their devices to their computers. The iOS version of Phone Link presently provides the most fundamental features, including calls, messages, and contact access, unlike the Android version. Additionally, it integrates iCloud Photos with the Windows Photos app, enabling users to view images from their iPhones on their PC.

The release of the Photos Link app for Windows 11 was originally announced by the business last month. According to Microsoft, the new feature is being implemented across 85 nations and 39 languages.


On a Windows 11 PC, the Phone Link for iOS programme now supports phone calls, iMessage messaging and receiving, contact access, and phone alerts.

However, because iOS has limitations on texting, the new iPhone integration does not permit group messaging or the sharing of images and videos. It is important to note that the Phone Link software provides greater Android phone connectivity and even enables users to “stream” some apps and control them from the desktop screen.

The service has now been made available to all customers, as promised, and it was stated that the functionality would be available starting in mid-May.

Only iPhone models running iOS 14 or later are supported with Phone Link for iOS, according to Microsoft. You need a PC running Windows 11 with Bluetooth connectivity enabled in order to use this function. You can get the Phone Link app from the App Store. On a Windows 11 PC, users can click the Start button and look for the Phone Link app after it has been installed. Choose iOS when installing the app, and sign in with the same Microsoft account on your PC and phone.

Through Wi-Fi, a mobile data network, or an on-the-fly hotspot, the iOS Phone Link software can link up with your iPhone. The iPad cannot use the feature. Last month, Microsoft originally revealed that the Phone Link app will be coming to iOS.

After that, one can scan the QR code shown on the PC to link both devices, enabling users to use the Windows 11 PC to access your iPhone.