Xbox Game Pass adds five titles to close out February

Five new titles join Xbox Game Pass, but most returning entries disappoint fans. Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun shines, but March needs bigger games to address future anxieties.

The month of February draws to a close with a fresh batch of games joining the ever-expanding Xbox Game Pass library. This announcement comes on the heels of Microsoft revealing the service’s impressive reach, boasting a staggering 34 million subscribers. However, while the additions are welcomed, some may find them lacking in the excitement department.

The list features five new titles, with the addition of cloud support for Madden NFL 24 via EA Play. Bluey: The Videogame, a charming title aimed at younger audiences, kicks things off on February 22nd. Maneater, the exhilarating open-world shark adventure, returns on February 27th, alongside the cloud-enabled Madden NFL 24. The following day sees the arrival of Indivisible, a critically acclaimed RPG with stunning visuals. Finally, Space Engineers, a sandbox space exploration game, concludes the month’s additions on February 29th.


Both Maneater and Indivisible are not new releases, having launched previously. Madden NFL 24 joined the Game Pass library just weeks ago, and Bluey: The Videogame caters to a specific audience.

The lone standout seems to be Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun, a retro FPS that garnered positive reviews upon its release last year. Its inclusion offers a ray of hope, suggesting that the March additions might pack a more significant punch. Last month, titles like Resident Evil 3 brought considerable value to the service, and fans are undoubtedly looking for similar experiences in the coming month.

Despite the recent announcements addressing business plans and even teasing a next-gen console, some Xbox fans remain apprehensive about the service’s future. While the special edition Xbox podcast aimed to assuage concerns, the lack of truly AAA titles in the February additions might not fully convince them.

Therefore, all eyes are on March. But for now, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can dive into the diverse offerings of February, while cautiously awaiting the potential highlights that March might hold.