NYT Mini Crossword today: puzzle answers for Friday, July 5

Love crossword puzzles but don’t have the time to sit down and solve a full-sized puzzle in your daily newspaper? That’s where The Mini comes in!

A bite-sized version of the New York Times’ well-known crossword puzzle, The Mini offers a quick and fun way to test your crossword skills daily. Most players finish it in just over a minute! While The Mini is smaller and simpler than a full crossword, it can still be challenging. One tricky clue can be the difference between setting a personal best and a frustrating solve attempt.

Just like our hints for Wordle and Connections, we’re here to help with today’s Mini if you’re stuck and need a nudge in the right direction.


NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today


  1. Black-tie affairs – GALAS
  2. Friend of Flounder, in a Disney movie – ARIEL
  3. Middle of a hamburger – PATTY
  4. Top (and bottom) of a hamburger – BUN
  5. Establishment that might have a “water circuit” – SPA


  1. Space between train and the platform – GAP
  2. Most Yemenis and Saudis – ARABS
  3. Became visibly happy – LITUP
  4. Health insurance giant – AETNA
  5. Sneaky, like a fox – SLY

Enjoy your quick crossword fix with The Mini, and come back tomorrow for another round! Happy solving!