NYT Crossword: answers for Sunday, July 7

The New York Times offers a smorgasbord of word games, from Wordle and Connections to Strands and the Mini Crossword. There’s something for everyone! Yet, the classic crossword puzzle still reigns supreme, packed with fascinating trivia, mental gymnastics, and a dash of daily bragging rights if you complete it.

Even if the NYT crossword feels like an Everest climb some days, don’t worry. Solving crosswords is a skill that gets better with practice. So, if today’s puzzle has you stumped, we’re here to lend a helping hand. Below are all the answers for today’s clues.


Today’s NYT Crossword Answers


  1. Common ingredient in eye shadow: TALC
  2. Anticipate a near success, so to speak: TASTE IT
  3. Sci-fi comics sound: ZAP
  4. Animal in the Bacardi logo: BAT
  5. Wayfair alternative: IKEA
  6. Egg-laying mammal: ECHIDNA
  7. Art ___: DECO
  8. What a boring meeting never seems to do: END
  9. Admit one was wrong: EAT HUMBLE PIE
  10. Attitude: LIP
  11. Chemical compound in plastics and rubber: STYRENE
  12. Clear to see, maybe?: IN HD
  13. Abstract painter ___ Thomas: ALMA
  14. Title in a Puccini title: MADAMA
  15. Like a room with a lit fireplace, often: TOASTY
  16. Second calling?: ALIAS
  17. Research trials using withheld information: BLIND EXPERIMENTS
  18. Genesis brother: ABEL
  19. Go (for): RETAIL
  20. “Calvin and Hobbes” girl: SUSIE
  21. Opulent: PLUSH
  22. Presentation prop: EASEL
  23. Royal whose wedding had a whopping 1,900 guests: KATE MIDDLETON
  24. City that’s home to the Green Dome: MEDINA
  25. Party: CAROUSE
  26. Writing wrongs?: TYPOS
  27. Spartan queen of myth: LEDA
  28. Delivery room figures, for short: OBS
  29. Month between avril and juin: MAI
  30. Cries of pain: OWS
  31. Enthusiastic Spanish assent: SI SI
  32. Gush: SPURT
  33. Pioneering chemist Lavoisier: ANTOINE
  34. Like some hipster T-shirts: IRONIC
  35. Friendly debate opponent: SPARRING PARTNER
  36. Gossip spreader: YENTA
  37. Your wish is his command: GENIE
  38. “Likewise”: SO DO I
  39. Run out of clothes?: STREAK
  40. Humorist Bombeck: ERMA
  41. Lab mice of 1990s cartoons: PINKY AND THE BRAIN
  42. F on a final: FALSE
  43. Slowly wanes, as support: ERODES
  44. To no avail: VAINLY
  45. Infuriates: IRES
  46. Four- or six-pointer, say: STAG
  47. Display at a school show: TALENTS
  48. O.E.D. ender: ZED
  49. Excuse for texting errors, jocularly … or a hint to this puzzle’s theme: FAT FINGER SYNDROME
  50. Its egg resembles an avocado: EMU
  51. Cheerful tune: LILT
  52. “Core” things: BELIEFS
  53. Opposite of absorb: EMIT
  54. Shill for, informally: REP
  55. Root word?: OLE
  56. Ingredient in a Bloody Caesar cocktail: CLAMATO
  57. “No returns”: AS IS


  1. Makeshift limbo bar at a wedding: TIE
  2. Letters before a 34-Across: AKA
  3. Abandons, as an argument: LETS DIE
  4. Marsh plant whose flower resembles a corn dog: CATTAIL
  5. World capital at the foot of the Elburz Mountains: TEHRAN
  6. Take ___ from: A CUE
  7. Turn one’s back on: SHUN
  8. “The longest distance between two places,” per “The Glass Menagerie”: TIME
  9. The N.H.L.’s Oilers, on scoreboards: EDM
  10. Bach’s “Mass ___ Minor”: IN B
  11. Guitar sheet music, for short: TAB
  12. Gentle breeze: ZEPHYR
  13. Vinegar, e.g.: ACID
  14. Aptly named mascot of the Baltimore Ravens: POE
  15. Popular brunch cocktail: BELLINI
  16. Bring to life: ANIMATE
  17. QB’s feat: TD PASS
  18. Italian for “tooth”: DENTE
  19. Inspiration for many a gospel song: HYMN
  20. Speech therapy subject: LISP
  21. Flight selections, say: ALES
  22. Bush Jr. is the only U.S. president to hold one: MBA
  23. Minister’s robe: ALB
  24. Pot leaves?: TEA
  25. Lead-in to Clean: OXI
  26. Rose of Guns N’ Roses: AXL
  27. Charm: AMULET
  28. Generate, with “up”: DRUM
  29. Member of the South Asian diaspora: DESI
  30. Set of guiding principles: ETHIC
  31. Words from someone who’s following you: I SEE
  32. “The tongue of the mind,” per Cervantes: PEN
  33. “omg u r 2 funny!”: LMAO
  34. Duke’s address ender: EDU
  35. On top of that: ALSO
  36. Bunch: SLEW
  37. Serious thing to play for: KEEPS
  38. Make sense: ADD UP
  39. Ice on one’s head?: TIARA
  40. Lindelof who co-created “Lost” and “The Leftovers”: DAMON
  41. Emotionally tax: DRAIN
  42. Completing: DOING
  43. Big name in chicken: TYSON
  44. Offer one’s two cents: OPINE
  45. Polite denial: NO SIR
  46. Org. that Lionel Messi joined in 2023: MLS
  47. [I know it’s wrong]: SIC
  48. One might be raised on a farm: BARN
  49. Pouty mood: SNIT
  50. Assistant who handles more than 25 billion requests per month: SIRI
  51. “Here, have a sample”: TRY ONE
  52. Hermana de la madre: TIA
  53. Urged (on): EGGED
  54. GPS suggestion: Abbr.: RTE
  55. Head turner at a racetrack: REIN
  56. When placed under high pressure and heat, it forms coal: PEAT
  57. So-called “key of life”: ANKH
  58. “Please — I’ve heard that excuse before”: SPARE ME
  59. Ready for a massage, perhaps: OILED UP
  60. Trash: DISS
  61. Qantas hub, on luggage tags: SYD
  62. ___ kwon do: TAE
  63. Triage pros, in brief: RNS
  64. Its capital is Asmara: ERITREA
  65. Rates of return?: RANSOMS
  66. “Cool” amt.: MIL
  67. “Whichever”: ANY
  68. Big name in vaccines: PFIZER
  69. Water heater: KETTLE
  70. Robert who owns the New England Patriots: KRAFT
  71. Toon first seen on “The Huckleberry Hound Show”: YOGI
  72. Nevertheless: EVEN SO
  73. Something a newlywed might wear — or dance to — at a wedding: BAND
  74. Boom attachment: SAIL
  75. Custom car consideration: TRIM
  76. Offshore: ASEA
  77. App with “Rides” and “Bikes” tabs: LYFT
  78. Rapper ___ Rida: FLO
  79. Peacock’s parent: NBC
  80. It might make one’s hair stand on end: GEL
  81. She, in Portuguese: ELA
  82. Early 11th-century year: MII
  83. U.F.O. crew: ETS

Hope this helps you crack the crossword! Happy puzzling